School Prayer Emphasis

Before our kids head off to their first day of school, we prepare them by purchasing proper school supplies, a nice backpack, and a lunchbox. But how are we preparing them spiritually for school?

Before our kids head off to school and throughout the year, please pray for the following:  

1. That they would be a light in the darkness at school Matthew 5:14 As our kids walk the halls of their schools, let’s pray that the light they shine for Jesus would be bright. As others interact with them, may our children draw people to Christ through their words and actions.

2. That they would be a friend to the friendless 1 John 4:7-8 Pray that our children would be a friend to the friendless. Bullying or even just loneliness can take such a toll on children. Let’s pray that our kids have the courage to reach out in kindness when they see another child who could use a friend.

3. That God would open their eyes to anything unbiblical John 14:26 When our kids go to school, especially public school, they will be exposed to beliefs that are in opposition to what the Bible says. Let’s pray that our kids listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to recognize such thoughts and ideas. And let’s pray that our kids would desire to discuss these issues with us, their parents.

4. That they would not be ashamed of the gospel Romans 1:16 Sooner or later in public school, a Christian kid will probably be made fun of for their belief in Jesus.Hopefully it won’t happen on a regular basis. But even if it does, let’s pray that our kids are confident enough in their faith that they are not ashamed of the gospel. Pray they recognize that everyone, including those who make fun of them, needs the salvation the gospel offers.

5. That they would have wisdom in choosing friends 1 Corinthians 15:33 Choosing friends is important. Many kids think that they are a strong enough Christian to hang out with whomever they please; and they chose some non-Christian friends. Most of the time these friends change our children and not our children changing them. Let’s pray that our kids choose well when they choose their closest friends. That they choose friends who will encourage them to strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

6. That they recognize and take opportunities to share the gospel Matthew 28:19 Even our children are presented with opportunities to share the gospel. Pray that they recognize the opportunities to share Jesus with their friends — that they would be open to inviting others to church. More than anything else, let’s pray that our kids take their faith in Christ seriously. That they are motivated to read their Bibles and pray. And that they would end the school year more spiritually mature than they began.