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At Grace Baptist Church, we hold Church Membership in high regard as we believe that the Bible does as well. Our desire is for our members to be biblically functioning members and serving God’s church as it is a key part of their sanctification.

To qualify for membership in this church, a person must be a believer in Jesus Christ:

  • who gives evidence of regeneration
  • who has been baptized by immersion, in obedience to Christ following his or her conversion and profession of faith
  • who wholeheartedly believes in the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible.

Each member will agree to submit to the teaching of Scripture as expressed in the Statement of Faith and will pledge to keep the commitments expressed in the Church Covenant. 

The pastor shall be responsible for determining each person’s qualification for membership. In making this determination, the pastor may rely on a person’s profession of faith, or such other evidence as the pastor deems appropriate.

Procedures to join Grace Baptist Church

1. Request an appointment with the Pastor or Chairman of the Deacons, expressing a desire to unite with our church family.

2. During this appointment (at whatever time is best for you) you will be provided our Statement of Faith and a packet of information about our church. You will also be given ample opportunity to ask questions about our doctrinal beliefs and church policies.   

3. After prayerful consideration, and believing that God would have you to unite with our church, during any invitation and response time in the worship service, you may come forward and express your desire for membership to our Pastor. He will be waiting for you, and will present you to the congregation.   

4. IMPORTANT! Those persons sixteen years or younger please to be prepared to have a parent or guardian speak to the Pastor before you join Grace Baptist Church.